What is Zinteo?
Zinteo is Global Social Betting Network – a place where tippers from all around the world can compete to each other on real sport matches.

Is betting on Zinteo money-free?

Is really opportunity to earn real money by placing money-free bets?
Of course it is. Read more on How to earn real money with Zinteo? page.

Is there any other awards, for good bettors?
Yes. Bettors in different countries have different prices. Please, check Awards page to get more info.

Are matches and odds real?
Yes. All matches and odds are real,

Why should i follow someone?
If you follow someone, you can see his betting history. Most important, you can see his real-time bets so you can copy them and put real money in real betting store, on same match.

How many tipper can I follow?
For free, you can follow up to 4 tippers. If you want to follow more than that, you need to pay them.

How much is the cost for following tipper?
The cost for following one tipper is $10/monthly.

Do I earn money if someone follows me?
Yes. $9 from every follower that pay for following you. Don’t forget that everybody has option to follow up to 4 bettors for free.

Is it possible for someone to change his betting history?
No, Zinteo doesn’t allow that. In fact, the main idea with Zinteo is to have real report on who is really a  good bettor.

How should I login?
At the beginning, you can login with your Facebook account.

How many bets can I put on daily basis?
Every user have 1 free daily bet, and option to get 3 more by placing his bets on Facebook. Also,  with every invited friend, every user can get 1 bet to bet per day, which is permanent. There is one more way of increasing daily bets, by entering promo code.

How can i get promo code?
You can buy promo code, or you can ask for free one. To get free promo code, Zinteo expect from you to help in promoting Zinteo.

Can i see someone else’s bets?
Yes, you can. By following him you can see his betting history as well as open bets (Open bets are bets that someone put on mach that is not started yet)

How can I see who are good bettors and who are not?
Simply, go to Leader-board page and see the ranking. Everybody starts with 100 points.

Is there mobile application, for iOS or Android?
Yes, only iOS application for iPhone. It will be uploaded on App Store on 01 January 2014.

How much points can I put on every match that I bet on Zinteo?
You can put up to 10% of your current balance. Not more than that.

Is Zinteo global platform, or just country based?
It is global. Only awards could be country based.

Why do I need ‘My favorite’ option?
Favorite option is great to customize your Zinteo experience. You can choose your favorite teams at the beginning and, after that, have a list for open matches to bet only consist of your favorite teams.

What is customizable on Zinteo?
You can choose bettors to follow, as well as your favorite teams.

Can I change my bet on Zinteo, after I bet on some match?
No. There is not such an option.

How can I earn money with Zinteo?
There are two ways of earning money with Zinteo:
1. Be as much as possible good bettor, so you can earn prices from Zinteo and you have opportunity to be followed by many people. At the beginning following option will be free, but in the future, if someone wants to follow you, he must pay to you.
2. Follow best bettors on Zinteo, see their bets and go to bookmakers to put your ticket. If you play with real money the same matches like bettors on Zinteo, you will earn exactly as they earn points on Zinteo.

Are there any other award for best bettors?
Most successful bettors on Zinteo can earn other awards as well. Awards can be different: From free tickets for real betting stores, to tickets for real sport games, to real money income to your bank account. All you need to do is to be a great bettor.

What types of bets will be available on Zinteo?
At the beginning, only final score. Very soon there will be other options to bet.